Application Guidelines

Deadline for fall requests is September 12, 2019. Requests received after this date will be reviewed at our winter meeting in December.

*For new and previous applicants, we now require each organization to fill out and attach the following document to front of each request. This is a supplement, not a replacement for a request.*

Application Summary Document

The Burdine Johnson Foundation accepts requests at any time. However, we only approve requests at our quarterly meetings, which tend to fall in March, July, September and December.

We do not require an invitation or letter of interest to consider a request.

We do not have formal requirements for the content of a request, except to attach our application summary document to the front of your request. Otherwise, we prefer requests that are short and concise, clearly state the amount, use and intention of the funds requested and detail how your organization aligns with our philanthropic interests. 

We do not grant requests to individuals, political candidates or religious groups for specifically religious purposes.  

To apply: Please send the application summary document, a grant request, along with an attached 501(c)(3) tax-exempt determination letter in a PDF file to

In addition to emailing, you may also send a hard copy of the request and associated materials to the following address:

The Burdine Johnson Foundation

P.O. Box 1230

Buda, Texas 78610